Five years later, after the founding of Pavlovsk by the architect Cameron, the menagerie was started in a forest area spanning 80 hectares not far from the palace.

The rectangular menagerie from the central square was divided by eight straight lanes, most of which have been preserved until now. After completion of the main works, animals and birds were introduced into the menagerie. By the end of the 1780s, there were 17 deer, sheep, peacocks, swans, Turkish ducks, one elk and one goat.

Currently, in the menagerie there are various songbirds: crossbills, goldfinches, bullfinches, yellow buntings and zelenukha. A specially built cage houses two eagle-owls. All guests are met by a beautiful Saint Bernard named Ultimatum. And in the summer, there are geese, a goat, turkeys and hens grazing on the castle slopes.