Castle BIP and surrounding it Mariental Park are located 20 km from Saint Petersburg and the international airport "Pulkovo".

There is the state museum-reserve "Pavlovsk" in the immediate vicinity.

The Palace and Park ensemble of Pavlovsk, created in the heyday of Russian classicism of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries - is a cultural heritage monument under UNESCO protection.

The core of the complex is the Pavlovsk Palace which used to be the summer Palace of Paul I.

The Park adjoining to the Palace occupies an area of about 600 hectares on both sides of the Slavyanka river, which makes it one of the largest landscape parks in Europe.

The Palace and Park were being built over 50 years by three generations of architects and designers: Cameron, Brenna, Quarenghi, Voronikhin, Rossi.

Another world-famous Palace and Park complex "Tsarskoye Selo" is just 6 km from the Castle.

There are more than 100 architectural monuments on its territory - palaces, pavilions, bridges, marble monuments, imitating the Gothic, Turkish, Chinese architecture.

Well, for better acquaintance with the personality of the founder of the Castle –Emperor Paul I, you are highly recommended to visit the Big Gatchina Palace and the Priory Castle, which is only thirty-minute trip from Pavlovsk.

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